Designer wear

Coming from the land of Rangoli (colors), Patola (Attractive Girl), Love and Laughter, and inculcating each of these attributes while growing up, it was imperative for us to embark on something vibrant, jazzy and full of colors; 

Our values of Ethnicity, Simplicity, Elegance and our Classic Tradition coupled with an upright attitude fueled up our desire to provide something "Wakhra". Thereupon, we groomed our fabric, jewelry that is closely knitted with Our Values and Your STYLE,

The jewelry that gratifies our journey. 

The journey that's called " Nakhre Wakhre"

We promise to serve all your 'Nakhras' with our tehzeeb and nazaakat by providing you with wide range of ethnic designer wear and topping it up with the pride & swag of our traditional culture-centric jewelry.

Yes, get ready to be pampered by Nakhre Wakhre.  



Anarkali Suits

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Designer wear

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Anarkali suits

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Designer outfilts

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Designs that turn into the timeless pieces of precious memories which are then woven toghether with blend of exemplary classic threads.



It’s been rightly said “ Saadgi me hi sundarta hai” (Simple is Beautiful). To uncomplicate things is to tread on the path of life where you see the beauty and divinity in the ordinary things & yet being extraordinary. Live Simple, Live better.



Life isn't perfect, but your "swag" can be. It does not have to be right, it just has to be you. Bring alive the touch of your heritage & wear your ethnicity with pride and style.




Dress shabbily, and they will remember the dress. Dress elegantly, and they will remember the woman. Elegance is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

The Wakhra touch


Every woman has a style, we just try to edge it up. After all it’s not only about being noticed, but it’s also about being remembered.

So, if you have a NAKHRA, we have everything to make it 




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